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"Magick makes crazy people crazier. The reverse may also be true."
a quote from Wiz - 04/01/2002
Never forgotten old friend.  

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If you are a frequent visitor to Witches' Haven?  
You know I don't flog vendors; I have a vendor page with a few
links I use, personally but I don't flog.
I am flogging this stuff; after 16 years of  running my web site, I am flogging.

A new offering;  the Web Mistress has a conversation with God.

The Witches' Haven is dedicated to
my father, Leslie (d. 2010) and to my mother, Ruth (d. 2014).
They never wavered in their support of me.  Their passing has left
a giant hole in my heart.  I miss them every day but I know,
without a shadow of doubt; they are still with me.

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